There was a one hour long drama at Machakos when business came to a stop after a swarm of bees mounted a hill on an identified lady who was planning to board a bus.

It was a rare free drama as passersby milled around the wailing lady who couldn’t move an inch further as the bees continued piling up on her right hand.

Witnesses said the middle-aged woman from one of the Ukambani Counties was waiting to board a vehicle when the bees started coming in groups to attack her.

She would then resort to screaming but her efforts to chase the swelling bees were fruitless even as she screamed uncontrollably around the bus park.

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When curious Samaritans sought to know why she was facing all these embarrassing treatment, they decided to open a bag she was carrying and, unbelievably, found out she had a number of items believed to be stolen from an identified person perhaps her lover.

They found men’s clothing, an unknown amount of cash, a passport and an underwear white in colour. Though there were varied speculations on the real cause of the incident that almost brought activities to a complete stop, sources finally unraveled that the owner of the items in the bag had protected himself from thieves.

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It is believed that he is using powerful black magic spells which are mostly used to nab thieves or people who have conned others their cash and valuables.

In most cases, thieves would be found either stuck in the house or shop they just broke into, some would be found in deep sleep once they enter a building, some would be found with stolen items stuck on their head while some will be send bees to attack them along the way.

It only takes an intervention of another traditional herbalist like DOCTOR NGOSO to bring back the situation to normal.

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Doctor Ngoso who is a renowned African herbalist is known for treating asthma, solving court cases, winning jackpots as well as promotion at work.

He also delves in love and marriage matters. Catch any cheating partner, get back your stolen cash, items and piece of land or win a court case by using Doctor Ngoso.

To reach him Call/WhatsApp: +254718756944, E-mail: or visit the website:

Remember, just like a medical doctor, Powerful NGOSO DOCTORS will first interrogate you to understand what exactly is the problem before administering their spells.

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