Community based learning (CBL) may take a little bit longer time for it to be implemented. It may probably  not be implemented this month.

For the implementation process to be completed and be effective there a number of activities which must be taken by stakeholders. I.e parliament, Health, interior and Education ministries and even TSC.

First and foremost parliament has to validate the programme’s guidelines that were given out by TSC prior to it’s implementation. Unfortunately up to now it has not yet validated hence making the program to stagnate.

Education Cabinet Secretary had said in Eldoret that Community Based learning had not only received parliamentary Education Committee’s approval but also that of teachers’ unions and other Education stakeholders.

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It has since emerged that the parliament which must be involved in the approval and rollout of the process is not even aware of the guidelines.

There should be a meeting to be convened between Education officials and the legislators.The main purpose of that meeting will be taking MPs through the guidelines and approve the whole program. At the same time there must be a teaching guide which must be prepared by The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) which  teachers will be following throughout the process.

Education officials and teachers who will take part in the program must also undergo training.Upon completion of teachers registration, Ministry of Education through TSC is expected to assign them classes with at most 15 learners. Chiefs and their assistants must therefore identify venues to be used for learning.

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Last week,It was resolved in a meeting between TSC and Education Ministry officials that open spaces in school compounds, churches and social halls be utilised for the community Based learning.Learners will only be assigned classes after learning venues have been identified.The meeting also resolved that all learning activities to take place in the zonal levels.

The officials who wil be incharge of the whole exercise will also be expected to undergo a training. That’s before the programme is rolled out nationally,all the regional directors, county directors, sub-county directors and curriculum support officers must first be trained.

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Teachers will also undergo a training later after the officials since they will be the one implementing the programme on the ground since the programme will not focus on syllabus coverage instead it will be focusing on imparting some skills and values to learners. The skills and values include weeding, cultivating,grazing animals,story telling hygiene and other related activities.


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