The 21st century is a time where evolution of technology is at its peak. Many kids all over the world are introduced to technological devices before they can even talk. However there is this other population, who are not able to afford any of these devices. Most of them would have to wait till they are introduced to such at school.

It is quite impressive that the Kenyan government introduced computer classes at schools. However, the only challenge is that Computer classes in public schools are introduced in high school, which is rather late.
Introducing these classes at an earlier stage would be even better and more impactful. Here are some of the reasons why;

  1. For an easier learning experience
  2. To prepare them for the future
  3. To engage the students
  4. To enhance their learning experience
  5. In order to support different learning styles.
  6. For better access to information
  7. To improve collaboration
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1. For an easier learning experience
You tube has very many videos which make it easier for easier for kids to memorize the things they see. Introducing computers to them at this early age, will make them view education in a better perspective

2. To prepare them for the future
It is quite obvious that the world today fully functions due to technology. In that case it would just be fair to start preparing kids at an earlier stage.

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2. To engage the students
The traditional way of studying is quite boring. Introducing technology to children in pre-school will make them be more engaged in class since it is interesting.

4. To enhance their learning experience
Kids are supposed to be allowed to be kids, even in school. There are lots of ways kids can be taught, and by administering different and fun ways to them, learning would be fun. Such fun ways include singsong using you tube videos.

5. In order to support different learning styles
There are lots of ways students can be taught in the presence of technology. Introducing technology will allow these new ways of teaching to be in practice and therefore the monotonous way of learning in class would not be a problem anymore.

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6. For better access to information
The internet contains everything that any student would want to research on. With the guidance from teachers, students will be able to easily access anything they have a challenge in on the internet.

7. To improve collaboration
Sharing of computers and laptops in classes will increase collaboration among kids. This will help build important virtues in kids.

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