The current global situation has severely affected education in Kenya. With rising cases of the Covid cases in the country, the president of the republic of Kenya saw it necessary to shut down all learning institutions in the country. This includes all tertiary institutions such as universities and colleges.

Comrades have been spotted on the streets protesting against this decision by the president. Here are some reasons as to why it is so important to comrades all over the country that learning resumes;

1./Online studies favors only a few.
Many campuses in Kenya opt for online studies after the suspension of physical learning in order to proceed with classes as scheduled. However, Kenya is a developing third world country that is developing and therefore not everyone is fortunate enough to fully access good network and smartphones. This will lead to other students missing out on important class work.

2. More years of study
Comrades will have to take more years to study their majors. This will make them lose a lot of valuable time and therefore lose many opportunities in life.

2. Ruined plans
Campus is where one grows a person and finds out more important things about themselves. This is where a person is able to pursue their passions in life while studying at the same time. Closure of these institutions means that comrades have to go back home to their parents and this ruins their plans.

3. Disruption of normal education cycle in campuses
Most tertiary learning institutions offer classes to students in some specific years and courses. This leads to disruption of the normal academic cycle in the institution. In addition, students in lower years might end up catching up with those above them.

4. Relocation problems
Since the suspension of physical learning was sudden and unexpected, many students have to relocate their houses. The reason behind this is to avoid any extra costs from paying rent for places they do not stay in. This is what many comrades have opted to do since the future of education in the country is unknown.

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