As the third phase of Covid-19 infections hits the country, the president of Kenya decided in his speech on the 26th of March 2020, that all schools to be closed. All learning institutions in the country have therefore suspended physical learning. Those allowed in school at the moment are candidates who are currently sitting their national examination.

With the number Covid-19 cases and deaths skyrocketing daily, the future of education in Kenya is unknown. The government is on a mission to protect its citizens, especially the younger generation, from this deadly virus. This means that there is no telling when physical learning will resume in the country. Many schools have opted for online studying in order for learning to continue. However, this is not the case for most public schools as online learning is not affordable to many.

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Ever since the first phase of the virus hit the country in 2020, the education sector was one of the most affected. Schools had to remain closed in order to ensure safety of all students countrywide. During this time, many schools had to be shut down due to the lack of funds to support anymore school activities. As a result, teachers in many private schools in the country lost their jobs.

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Schools were opened in 2021 and learning resumed in institutions as the government tried to give physical learning a try under some conditions. Activities like games, music festivals and inter-school bench marking was suspended to avoid any physical interactions that could risk the students’ health. Students were to have face masks on at all times. These strategies were clearly not good enough to keep students safe and at school. There is not much that anyone can do except wait and hope for the best in future.

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