Peer counselling is a service staffed by student volunteers who are trained active listeners and who are knowledgeable about the available resources to assist students. They are usually dedicated, empathetic and committed to helping others. Here are some of the reasons why peer counselors are very important in schools;

1. Conflict resolution among students.
These counselors can become arbitrators in cases where students or even student parties are involved in fights. This can prevent various damages in schools that could otherwise cost the school a lot. Peer counselors assist students in understanding and co-relating with each other, hence making it easier for teachers and the school administration.

2. Assist students in solving intrapersonal conflicts
Intrapersonal conflicts can lead to poor decision making among teenagers. Peer counselors are students and can therefore understand what their colleagues might be going through. They help other students understand their own situations and get over them.

3. Improve teacher-student relations
Good teacher-student relations in school are very important. It ensures the school activities are run smoothly and effectively. Peer-counselors make sure that any grudges students might have against teachers are solved. They talk to students and find out the reason behind the grudges against their teachers and talk to teachers about them.

4. Act as mediators between the school administration and students
They act as mediators in situations where the student’s council fails to take action. In some cases, students might have problems and might need help, either financially or even emotionally. These counselors make sure that the concerned people know and the students are helped.

Peer counsellors play a very important role in schools. Considering the fact that they do everything out of free will without expecting anything in return, they are truly heroes. There are a lot of drug addicts, depressed and many other students who have been helped by these heroes.


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