Ever wondered many schools in Kenya introduce their students to foreign languages? The answer to this question is the same answer we give when we are asked why we go to school, to secure a better future for our kids.

However, how is studying French going to help,  yet one does not plan on interacting with the French. Well, the world is becoming a global  village as time goes by. All it takes is a single flight and within a few hours you are miles away in a foreign land. Or better yet, social media allows us to interact with others in the comfort of our homes.

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There is no doubt that studying foreign languages is quite a challenge, and that is why it is optional in schools. The Kenyan government thought that it was wise to introduce its young generation to other languages but not force them in to studying them.

Studying other languages enables one to expand their level of thinking. Exposing your brain to new things everyday allows it to push past its limit. Out of the box thinkers are the ones who are able to survive in today’s world. Whether in business, technology, or any other situation one finds themselves in. One important gift every parent wants for their children is the gift of being able to fend themselves.

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Patience is one important trait that is needed in studying a new language. It takes years of practice to learn a language and be a fluent speaker. Teaching students that success is a process and it takes time will ensure that they make the right choices in life.

Chances of one securing a job in a foreign country are very high in the recent times. Interacting with people is easier when one can fluently speak their language. This does not only apply in getting a job but also in different situations when one goes for a trip to another country.

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Translating is a very underrated and high paying job. Studying these foreign languages usually comes in handy when one needs a translator. This can definitely aid in reducing the number of unemployed people in Kenya.

When it comes to writing a CV for job opportunities, you would want to write all their qualifications and achievements. Adding that you can speak a foreign language is usually like the icing on top of the cake. After working so hard in school, everyone would want to secure a dream job. Standing out is usually very important in interviews, and what better way to stand out?


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