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Why cases of drug abuse in schools in Kenya have recently increased

Drug abuse has been a real challenge among the young generation for a very long time. The community together with parents and a few volunteers, for a long time have been fighting against drug abuse. Their efforts have clearly been in vain since the number of students who indulge in drugs is higher and is still increasing. Here are some reasons why there is a sudden rise in the number of students who abuse drugs;

  1. Peer pressure
  2. Misinformation
  3. To prove a point
  4. Availability of drugs
  5. Depression
  6. Ignorance among the elders
  7. Social media
  8. Lack of proper guidance

1. Peer pressure
Peer pressure is always the number one cause of drug abuse. Peers influence how a person makes their decisions. A person might end up indulging in many things they were once against without even noticing. Sometimes it may just be a matter of ‘fitting in’.

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2. Misinformation
Many students tend to believe that when you study while intoxicated, then you are able to absorb more and in a short period of time. This wrong idea has made many students become drug addicts without even knowing it. It all starts with trying it out and without warning, one cannot do without.

3. To prove a point
The present generation faces a lot of temptation. Especially among the young population. Many teenagers want to prove to their friends and to everyone that they can do it all. Some just want to prove that they can ‘fit in’ and be ‘cool’.

4. Availability of drugs
This is actually one of the biggest factors in the increased number of drug abusers in the country. Drugs are very much available and at an affordable price. These days drugs are also distributed in schools in ways that one can never imagine. It has come to the point that students also sell drugs among themselves while in school.

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5. Depression.
Depression is a real problem and can lead to one making really terrible choices. A person may start abusing drugs in order to get rid of the feeling of being depressed. Children go through a lot these days. This means that they are vulnerable to situations that can lead to depression. Hence the number of children using drugs as their escape is higher.

6. Ignorance among elders.
Parents and society tend to ignore the fact that children also have real problems that needs to be addressed. Hence, children opt to seek guidance and help from their age mates or friends who might end up misleading them.

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7. Social media.
Social media is full of lies and deceit but many teenagers fail to see it. People show off their rich and ‘perfect’ lifestyles on social media. Celebrities tend to do drugs publicly, giving the young ones the idea that it is okay to do drugs.

8. Lack of proper guidance
Most parents these days are busy with their jobs to even talk to their kids and find out what is going on in their lives. Therefore, many teenagers end up making decisions without consulting because they do not have people to consult with.



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