JSS payment due dates. The Teachers Service Commission has hired around 30,000 instructors for junior secondary schools. The teachers are still getting used to their new workstations. The bulk of the recently hired educators have experience dealing with high school pupils in secondary education.

Jobs became accessible as the government made every attempt to adopt the competency-based curriculum (CBC). While 21,000 were interns, 9,000 teachers were hired on a permanent basis with pension benefits.

When will instructors at JSS start receiving their first paychecks?
A teacher expects to get paid at the end of each month when they begin working for the Teachers Service Commission. The majority of recently hired instructors don’t yet know when they will receive their first paycheck.

Because TSC takes some time to process their casualties, JSS instructors will be paid the next month in March, according to credible sources.

After the hiring procedure was finished, the instructors were put in charge of specific classrooms. At least one teacher has been assigned to each of the designated classrooms to help with curriculum implementation.

Several schools with big student populations employed more teachers to balance the student-teacher ratio.

Most educators are now managing the students and have become used to life.

A teacher must be officially welcomed by the institution’s face by filing a casualty form on their behalf after being posted to a school.
It is common practice for the institution’s head to sign a three-copied entrance casualty form.

A teacher casualty online form must also be submitted by the school’s head of school. But, until the TMIS website has been updated with the teacher’s information, this won’t be feasible.

The task of updating the teacher data on the Tmis portal falls to the sub-county director’s office. This is carried out after receiving a hard copy casualty form at their workplace. After the sub-county director’s office updates data on the Tmis portal, the school’s chief can then sign an online casualty form.

JSS payment due dates

Typically, TSC receives the information required to process salaries. Every month, processing of teacher salaries begins on the fifteenth day.

The online casualty form must be finished before then as a result.

All JSS instructors can now assess if their wages will be delayed based on the information provided.

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