A will is a document that a deceased leaves indicating how his property will be shared or who to take charge of his or her property .A will can also indicated how the deceased wants his material wealth used after his demise. It can only be written when the person is alive.Aalive.Alot of people do not consider writing of wills serious that’s why families end up breaking due to fight over the deceased material or wellyh possessions. Others also consider a will to be for the rich ,no ,wills are not meant for the rich . You with your small percentage net material worth you are allowed to draft a while since death is sure only that we don’t know the hour .people should train drafting wills when alive or else your property may end up to be declared public or even end up to unscrupulous persons .Here are some factors to consider when drafting a will:

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These are people that will the will happen after your death.Your executors should be very trustworthy persons who cannot change the will for selfish motives or even execute the will partially favouring a certain group or person. Executors can be such people as lawyers and should wise enough not to disclose the contents of the will untill the writer of the will dies.

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2.your networth 

List down your wealth without leaving anything and give clear instructions on who takes what to avoid following the long court procedures to for beneficiaries Incase of a misunderstanding in the sharing the wealth ,or seeking an interpretation to whatever instructions that are not clear in the will.

3.Funeral wishes

If you wish anything to be done during your funeral,then it is the high time you started drafting a will. The writer in this regard should state how they want their funeral conducted or if they have set aside money to take care of the burial expenses and so forth. If nothing is written about the burial then the executors and family will state how you would have loved it done.

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4.Do it now

Dont wait for tommorow to write a will , as they say  tomorrow will never come so act now . Draft it and make it a simple as possible to understand ,do not complicate anything and thus you will give your executors a peace of mind in executing it. At some point you might have small children who are not mature enough to take charge of the property,in this case you decide on a suitable guardian who will hold custody of the property until the children become of age.

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