On checking whether a job suits you it is essential to look past the pay check because good pay does not necessarily gurantee happiness in a work place.Below  are some of the  factors to consider when accepting a new job offer:

1.Working hours

The most applied working hours are at 9am-5pm.When accepting a new job , reach to an agreement with the employerof the expected working hours.Figure out what hours are considered normal and incase they are different from the previous job then plan and get to understand what changes that comes with in your life.

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This is the one thing that gives you the morale to wake up early and go to work each and every day.It helps one feel fulfilled since it comes naturally if one is conversant with the company’s mission and services they offer.


Co-workers affect one’s office culture in such a big way thats why it is recommendable to meet as many colleagues as you can in the interview process.Take note of the interactions and details such as responses if they are timely and courteous inorder to determine if its the kind of people one would wish  to work with.

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Check whether the company offers and encourages the personal growth of their employees. In  such ways like do they support  upgrading  of the employees education?Does the company invest in providing opportunities to develop skills to progress to a senior role or to start one’s company in future.

5.Stability of the company with regard to previous records.

One needs to research on the furthest an employer can go .Look at the company’s history in terms of how much profit or loss they have been making in the previous years. Has there been records of lay offs ? Whether the company is hitting the headlines for the reasons so that one may not end up messing with his/her career.

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The amount of salary one is paid should be able to cater for the bills and needs unless one has a private  source of income or someone is financing you.Your salary should sustain your lifestyle.

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