Discover what over 0.5 mean in betting on different kinds of sports

What does over 0.5 mean in betting?

Nowadays bookmakers offer quite a lot of types of bets for punters to choose from. Some of them involve higher risk and feature huge winnings whereas the other ones offer only a
minimal risk of failure and moderate rewards.

Therefore, both beginning and professional
bettors may select the most suitable kinds of bets for them whether it would be standard
forecasts on football match winner or total punts on the total number of goals, for example,that will be scored in the match.

One of the most admired forms of betting is over/under. The reason is that there is a lower
risk involved due to the point spread. In this article, we will focus on over 0.5 bets in

If you want to find out what does 0.5 mean in betting, then you should definitely
read all the information that we will provide further on regarding this type of bet.

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What odds can I get on over 0.5 bet?

Owing to the fact that this kind of punts on the whole match in the pre-match mode wins
most of the time, the odds that bettors may have on sports games are usually low (around
1.10). Therefore, they may increase the value of odds by betting on the first or the second
half of the match. What is more, spread bets on the performance of individual players are
also in demand and have higher coefficients.

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The betting odds in live mode may also be
relatively high if punters manage to catch the appropriate moment.

Top points to consider when doing over 0.5 bets

As far as the meaning of 0.5 type of punts is considered, it suggests that the participating
teams in the match will score at least one goal in the meeting. Also, it may also mean that at
least one of the following statistical indicators will occur in the game such as a goal, corner,
penalty, yellow or red card, etc.

Therefore, it is crucial to check which game moments you
will take into account (goals, cards, penalties, removals, corners, etc.) as well as the period
of time that you will focus on – the entire match or half of it.

So, the punters are not supposed to determine the correct score of the game but only to
predict whether the number of points or other indicators will be more than one. It means that
if there is at least 1 goal scored in the match, then the over 0.5 bet will win.

Any other number of goals more than 1 also satisfies the conditions of the punt. The bet can
only fail in case of a goalless draw. The same requirements apply to other statistical

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Therefore, such scores as 1:0, 1:1, 0:2, 2:1 and higher are perfectly accepted.
When it comes to the sports disciplines in which such point spread betting may be found,
these are football, basketball, ice hockey and tennis.

By betting on a total over 0.5, you can count on one of two possible options – either to win or
lose. Return is not possible with this form of betting because the final total of the game
cannot coincide with the total chosen by the bettor in any case. It can be strictly greater or
less than 0.5.

So, the over 0.5 punts cannot be called Asian handicap because the option of returning the
amount of the bet made to the bettor, at least partially, is excluded. Asian totals are a
multiple of 0.25, and when calculating them and a situation in which the bettor will receive
winnings from half of the bet and a refund on the other is possible.

Over 0.5 punts are also quite common in parlays because they offer an opportunity to win a higher profit. So, you make your choice and if your predictions are correct, then your parlay continues to play. However, if they are not, then the whole parlay will lose.

Do’s and don’ts when doing an over 0.5 bet

What is crucial to remember with this form of betting is to choose the opponents that are
expected to play openly and effectively with the emphasis on the attack. Then there are
many goals awaited and not like with strictly defensive teams the main focus of each is the
defence of their goals.

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In addition, the teams should have a motivation to play because if the result is not important
for them or when a dry draw suits them, then they will simply roll the ball for the whole

Also, it is recommended to check the position of the playing team in the rating in
order to be able to clearly determine a favourite and an outsider of the game.

The over 0.5 point spread bets should be placed on the favourites only because the outsiders will not be productive enough because of obvious reasons.

Furthermore, if you want to get higher odds in this form of betting, then you should make
accumulator or parlay bets as was already mentioned below and combine several selections into one punt.

Then the odds will be visibly higher. Also, you may choose live betting if you
are interested in bigger odds with over 0.5 spread bets.

Then you will need to follow the whole match attentively and pay attention to all changes in the game, even the small ones.Therefore, good analytical skills will be quite helpful for you in order to make precise forecasts.


The over 0.5 market is quite popular among admirers of sports betting as it offers a high
likelihood of winning despite lower odds.

Most sportsbooks propose a large betting market with numerous possibilities for wagering. Therefore, it will be a perfect form of betting for you if you prefer winning a lot but with small-sized rewards due to lower betting odds.

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