Teachers service commission in Kenya is responsible for hiring and renumeration of teachers .

According to TSC, professional secondary school teachers who are newly employed by the commission in Kenya falls under job group K which is the starting point that is currently refered to as Secondary Teacher II or grade C2.

Once a teacher is has been absorbed by Teachers service communication, the teacher receives an appointment letter that always states that a newly employed teacher remains on probation for a period of not less than six (6) months.

This probation period may be extended if the teacher’s performance is not satisfactory.

A secondary school teacher serves for a duration of 3 years after which he/she automatically gets promoted grade C3, initially known as job group L.

As per to the requirements by the commission, the minimum requirements for one to teach in secondary school is diploma but nowadays majority of secondary school teachers are university graduates.

A newly employed graduate teacher is entitled to a starting salary now of KSH.38000 .

However, this figure changes if one used to benefit from HELB loan since some amount is deducted.

The newly employed teachers under (grade C2 ) initially known as job group K a part from their basic salaries also enjoy commuter allowance of KSH 5000 and rental house allowance of KSH 7500.

A breakdown of the salary for a newly employed graduate teacher in a secondary school is given below:

1 .Basic Salary ksh.34,955

2 . House Allowance ksh 7,500

3 .Commuter Allowanceksh. 5,000.

4 .Total Earnings (before deductions) KSH 47,455.

The above salaries are also subject to other official statutory deductions which include:

a.The Childrens and widow’s Pension Scheme which is about Kshs. 699.10.

b. University Loan Recovery of about Kshs. 5000.

c. The Others include those made to teachers’unions such as KNUT and KUPPET, KEWOTA, PAYE plus sacco savings.

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