The government directive to seize physical learning in all schools in Kenya has affected learning all over the country. Learning has since been paralyzed in many schools in country.

However, other institutions, especially tertiary learning institutions have opted for online learning in order to proceed with their activities. Even though this is the best option considering the current global situation, many campus students do not support it.

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Online learning is quite expensive for many comrades. Schools do not provide data bundles for their students and still expect them to attend all their classes. A student can therefore spend up to 4000 Kenyan Shillings a month on bundles alone. Comrades who cannot afford smart phones are faced with a bigger challenge since they have to find a way to access a cyber café to be able to attend their classes.

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Comrades are also claiming that online learning is a complete waste of time on their part since they fail to understand anything that is taught in those classes. Many have to research about what is taught in the online classes because they are completely clueless. This means that they have to spend even more on data bundles since they cannot consult with their classmates as in school.

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Schools should find a way to provide their students with data bundles for their classes. Furthermore, lecturers should engage their students in these online classes to ensure that they understand what is being taught.


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