Kisii high school teacher in critical condition admitted at Ram hospital after being attacked by a student

One in critical condition after two teachers were attacked by a form three student at Kisii high school.

The morning hour incident happened today after the teacher questioned him for coming late to class ,he took him to the staff room and asked him to kneel down.

This is when the student took a knife and stabbed him severally before he was rescued by colleague teachers.

Further a Colleague teacher who went to rescue him was also stabbed by the said student.

According to his brother Charles Ayienda who raised an alarm said his brother was rescued and rushed to Ram hospital.

Ram Hospital administrator Enock Abobo said one teacher is in critical condition and he is being attended .

“we received two patients at around 9:00am in the morning, one was heavily pleading in critical condition and he is being attended, “said.

Edwin Mokaya who is in critical condition had  deep cuts on the forehead, back and legs.

He further said the other teacher Elvis Maoto has been treated and he will be discharged.


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