The police have started investigations into the cause of the death of two teachers in Rongo, Migori County.

According to Rongo Sub-county Police Commander Mr. Peter Okiring, the body of 40-year old Simeon Oduor was found dangling from the ceiling of their house while that of his wife lay dead on the seat in their living room.

“The woman’s body did not have any physical injuries to implicate any brutal killing,” reported the police.

Okiring briefed that his security officers took the bodies to Rosewood Hospital Mortuary for autopsy where further investigation on the cause of the deaths would commence.

Villagers from Kanyakuok who spoke to our media revealed that the couple had stayed peacefully together for 19 years and wondered what might have caused their horrifying deaths.

Their bodies were discovered when their school going daughter went to collect her uniform from the main house, only to find the door locked from inside.

After forcing it open, the child was stunned to find both of them dead. She raised alarm which attracted villagers who were led by the area Chief Mr. Joseph Nyamanga who then alerted the police about the saddening case.

Mr. Okiring while confirmed the deaths, said that they had not arrested any suspect in connection with the death but appealed to the public to volunteer information.

He promised not to reveal names of those who would volunteer information about suspects for the purpose of their safety.


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