Getting a regret letter from T.S.C is something painful. If you receive this letter its doesn’t mean that you have been barred totally from getting employment.

You will eligible for next employment incase you polish the cause of your regret. Getting a regret means that the vetting board did not approve you as a qualified teacher. Therefore they have to decline your offer of getting employed by the commission.

The regret letter can take a month or two months depending on time your request for employment was received by T.S.C. That’s to say after signing that employment form it likely to take two months from the day of signing it.

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How do you receive it ?

The letter can be sent directly to your email or to your postal office. But since the world is changing to global village you’re likely to receive a notification message to your phone.

What can make a teacher receive a regret letter 

A teacher who is waiting for the letter of employment from the commission may receive a regret because of the following.

  1. When one didn’t satisfy the commission after signing a T.S.C employment offer. This means this individual do not qualify because his or her transcripts don’t proof that he or she has done a minimum of eight units per a teaching subject.
  2. For  high school teachers you must have scored a least a C plus for the two teaching subjects. This means during K.C.S.E you must score a mean grade of a C plus and C pus in the two teaching subjects fail to attain such then you will be served with a regret letter.
  3. Incase you lack some important units in your certificates from university. For instance if you don’t have a unit of methods of teaching. You’re likely to be disqualified. Therefore you are likely to get a regret.
  4. When a complaint is registered pertaining the person who won during T.S.C interviews. Then that employment is cancelled that you are likely to get a regret letter.
  5.  If employment exercise was full of irregularities and lack of fairness. This means that employment will be cancelled. Therefore you will get a regret.
  6. Your names should not conflict on your documents. In case of any disparities, it is necessary that you get a sworn affidavit.
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