Teachers Service Commission has invited cOuples illing to work in schools near each other to apply for transfer. This comes days after TSC had reached an agreement with teacher unions on transfers under the new CBA.

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As the commission has vowed to reunite those families who were left out of the delocalization policy, it will be a sigh of relief for the teacher family, who have been delocalized by the commission since the exercise began three years ago. was.

In the new CBA the Teachers Service Commission has said that it will transfer couples to schools near each other if they are teachers and this is subject to availability of vacancies.

Localized teachers will no longer suffer from long distance relationships. Localization of teachers under the new CBA will continue but will be done in a way to avoid separation of families, reads part of the CBA agreement on transfer of teachers.

Other limited agreements in the new CBA include an offer to extend the days of maternity and paternity leave and extended promotion relief for teachers in difficulty areas. TSC wants to increase the days of maternity leave from the current 90 to 120 and paternity leave from 14 to 21 days.

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The commission has also offered teachers a pre adoption leave of 45 days from the date of adoption. The Commission also considered shifting of couples to schools near each other (if both have teachers) subject to availability of vacancies. TSC did not factor in the salary hike of teachers.

This angered the teachers who called the deal a joke. He feels he has been let down by his executives who have since signed a non- monetary CBA.

The unions that held talks with the Teachers Service Commission throughout the day signed the CBA despite refusing to do so during the first meeting held on June 29 due to lack of monetary benefits.

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Akello Missori, general secretary of KUPPET, said the unions had agreed to sign the CBA, but promised members that the basic pay would be reviewed after the Wage and Remuneration Commission forwards the TSC.

Missouri said it was a difficult decision, but in addition to the controversial remuneration issue, there are other benefits inherent in the agreement that teachers will be able to enjoy.

“We have committed to membership of CBA but the issue of basic pay remains unresolved. We look forward to meeting with TSC in the near future and reviewing what we proposed when things improve,” Missouri said.

KUPPET was demanding an increase of 30 to 70 per cent on the basic pay. Collins Oyuu, Missouri’s KNUT cOunterpart, said that despite the lack of a remuneration component, there were other benefits for teachers to benefit from signed CBAs.

“I want to tell my teachers that there is still hope, I want to reassure them that there is room for a review of the basic pay when the economy improves, oyu said.

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Cusnet’s secretary general, James Torom, said he expected the commission to invite them for review within a year. TSC CEO Nancy Makaria commended the unions for accepting the proposal, saying they put the interest of learners and teachers first.

Makaria said the commission was open for review after the Pay and Remuneration Commission gave them a go-ahead. The Wage and Remuneration Commission imposed a 2-year ban on the increment of employees in public service.

“As you know, we acted on the SRC advice, and with the current economic situation in the country we gave teachers what was available, but if things improve there is room for review” she said.

The benefits contained in the CBA include extension of the days of maternity leave and paternity leave, with the increase of maternity leave from 90 days to 120 days. Paternity leave will be increased from 14 days to 21 days.

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  1. So tsc will only consider married teachers.What about teachers their families are far away.Be Fair let the transfer be to all teachers willing to stay close to their families


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