The Teachers Service Commission has announced that during the April holidays, it will educate around 60,000 extra teachers for the competency-based curriculum.The qualified instructors will work in the country’s junior secondary institutions.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia said on Tuesday that the scarcity of teachers, particularly in the North-East, is caused by terrorist attacks that force instructors to quit the area.

Apart from terrorist attacks, the scarcity of teachers in the country has been caused by government underfunding, according to Macharia.

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Macharia said in a statement on Tuesday that the country has already trained 229,000 people.

She also stated that she was engaging with local authorities as well as residents in the North Eastern region to alleviate the region’s teacher shortage.

She also mentioned that the Commission recruited teachers in the North Eastern area on an annual basis, as opposed to other regions, where recruitment occurs after each fiscal year.

Macharia stated, “If you have a teacher right now, take him or her to the county director, we are not closed.”

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She encouraged teachers who had retired at the age of 60 but had not yet reached the age of 65 to apply for jobs in the North-Eastern region.

She encouraged the government to hire 40,000 additional teachers and to set aside funds for interns and permanent instructors Macharia stated earlier this month that schools require 100,000 teachers.

TSC is working to ensure that the 100,000 deficit in the Ministry of Education is addressed, as well as that the Competency-based Curriculum (CBC) is effective, according to Macharia.

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“Every year, the government provides us money to hire 5,000 teachers.”

When we post job openings, we receive a flood of applicants, but we can’t do anything because our hands are tied,” Macharia explained.

The TSC’s executive director stated that interns are being used as a stopgap approach to bridge the gap.

She stated that the commission distributes the positions fairly.

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