The independent organization called the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is in charge of employing, compensating, and elevating skilled educators throughout the nation.

TSC is getting ready to hire more than 30,000 instructors in January. To cover the gap created by upgrading teachers who were sent to secondary schools, the majority of these instructors will go to primary schools.

The scoresheet for the employment exercise has already been made public by the TSC. According to the recently released scoresheet, some groups of the unemployed teachers will stand to gain significantly.

The government has been giving funds through the Ministry of Education to make sure that TSC hires enough personnel to assist address the teacher shortage that has been plaguing most schools.

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The Commission, which is currently managed by Dr. Nancy Macharia as CEO, has also made a lot of effort to ensure that schools are adequately staffed with qualified individuals.

In the last advertisement, TSC stated that it would post openings for more than 6,000 teachers to work in primary and secondary schools on a permanent basis.

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The program’s biggest winners are the teachers working on internship contracts. They received a stunning 30 marks from the TSC once more. The primary school instructors who underwent CBC upgrading were also taken into account. They will be in a better position than the others.

At the upcoming TSC mass recruitment, PTE teachers who are upgrading in different Teachers Training Colleges, TTC, would also have an advantage. A master’s degree will provide its holders an advantage of 5 points over the competition. Also included were those with disabilities. One of their ten markings is contacted.

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The exercise has begun, and when it is finished, the participants will be posted to their new workstations.

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