The Teachers Service Commission initiated an employee contest to develop a new vision, mission and logo.

The contest ran from 9th to 30th September 2021. However, none of the entries met the selection criteria. Therefore, the contest was declared non-responsive.

The Commission has decided to re-advertise the contest and has provided clear selection criteria and timelines.


The following are encouraged to participate: • Teachers in both private and public learning institutions including Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE), Kenya Institute for the Blind (KIB), CEMASTEA, Teacher Training Colleges.

• Learners/ trainees in both private and public basic learning institutions,

• Basic public/ private learning institutions &

• TSC Secretariat Staff.


Current Logo

This logo has been in use by the commission since  inception.

Photo Courtesy :TSC,Kenya

Current Vision Statement

To be a transformative teaching service for quality education

Current Mission Statement

To professionalize the teaching service for quality education and development

Minimum Entry Requirements For Both Mission And Vision Statements Competition

An entry can be done through either Kiswahili or English.

A maximum of THREE entries will be considered for each participant.

One should include a brief explanatory message for both the vision and mission.

Token Of Appreciation For Vision And Mission Competition

WINNER——-Kshs 30,000/=

2ND POSITION——–Kshs 20,000/=

3RD POSITION———Kshs 10,000/=

Minimum Entry Requirements for TSC logo Competition

A maximum of THREE entries will be considered for each participant.

All symbols ,colours and the wording used in the logo should have an assigned meaning.

Token Of Appreciation For TSC Logo Competition

WINNER——Kshs 40,000/=

2ND POSITION———Kshs 20,000/=

3RD POSITION ———Kshs 10,000/=

All eligible applicants should click here  to participate on

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