The Teacher Service Commission (TSC)  releases teachers salary through the preferred/ selected bank or Sacco. For the teacher to receive the monthly salary he/she must have a bank/ Sacco account. The Commission gets these details once you fill the  TSC Bank Form.

When  a teacher is employed by TSC for the first time, One of the forms he/she must fill is the The TSC Bank Form. The Form is sent with other documents to TSC Headquarters. After some time a teacher may wish to change change the pay-point.


A teacher may change his /her pay-point as often as he/she wants. For one to do so i.e diverting salaries to new bank / sacco , you must :

  • Download the TSC Bank Form and print.
  • Fill in the pay-point form correctly and have it certified by your Principal/ Head Teacher. The TSC County or Sub County Director sign the Principal/ Head Teacher’s bank form.
  • Photocopy your new bank/Sacco account plate (ATM Card) both sides. This is the new account where you want your salary to be channeled to. Make sure the copy is clear and must also be certified by your Principal/ Head Teacher.
  • Attach your certified bank plate copy and National ID Copy to the completed TSC Bank Form.
  • Finally, send the documents to TSC Headquarters (enclosed in one envelope and addressed to the Secretary TSC, P.O Private Bag, Nairobi).
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You should take note; do not close your current account until salary starts to flow in through the new account. This will lead to bouncing back of your pay.  Several teachers who immediately closes the old accounts have gone for several months without pay.

If the TSC payroll is closed and you have closed your old account and your application for Pay-point change has not been effected, your local bank or Sacco returns the salary back to TSC. This process is long and involves a number of bureaucracies.

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First, the floating salaries are reversed back to the Bank/ Sacco head office. After rigorous scrutiny, the bank/ Sacco then returns the salary to TSC Head Quarter. And this is done via written cheques that take long to be processed.

Its advisable for one to be patient after changing the pay-point in order to avoid such above. You should wait for about 3-4 months and if the salary is being sent to your bank account without any hitch, then consider closing the old account.

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