With the new education curriculum (CBC) in place,the TSC has declared 60,000 teachers be trained between March and April 2023 in preparation for the incoming junior secondary students.

The employer mentioned that 228,000 primary teachers have been trained on the Competency Based Curriculum.The KICD has already designed syllabus for grade one to grade ten.

Concerns have been raised on the introduction of Junior secondary,that is grade 7 and grade 8.George Magoha,the cabinet secretary of education has justified the raised issues.

He denoted a 10 month training programme for teachers who will supervise the upcoming grade 7.According to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, syllabus designs for Grades One to Ten are complete.

In 2023,the CBC in junior secondary school will be comprised of grades 7,8 and 9.

Students who pass their exams in grade six will advance to junior secondary.These will be the groundbreakers in the 2-6-3-3-3 CBC system.

However,the glowing Ray of hope has been lowered for some primary teachers.This is after the TSC stated that only teachers with a mean grade of C+ and above in their KCSE exam will be posted to junior secondary school.Those with C plain will not be in a position to teach the stated grade.

This means that graduate P1 teachers with a C (plain) in KCSE will be unable to teach in junior secondary.

This,the tsc explained is to ensure quality standards in the education sector.Under the CBC,student tansfers from schools will only be permitted for grade 1 to grade 4.

Upon reaching grades 4 and grade 5,the sub-county director will be the one mandated to grant transfers.

Students will also be required to keep the assessment number during transfers.This is because tests will be done regularly by KNEC to track learners’ progress.

The whole of this setup ensures smooth running and transition of the Competency Based Curriculum.



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