The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has ranked counties on how its teachers performed in submitting their Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) ratings.

Teachers who were timely in submitting their TPAD scores online saw their counties performing better.

The ratings were based on the last TPAD for term one. However some counties performed dismally and this worries their county directors.

Machakos, Kwale and Kiambu are the top counties in timely TPAD submission. Indeed the three counties exceeded TSC expectation as they constantly kept the deadline at bay.

However Kisumu, Busia, Turkana are some of the counties that will have to do better this time as their rating is not pleasing.

Other counties that did better are Narok, Bomet, Kitui and Siaya. Some counties like Marsabit, Lamu and Nairobi improved but still have more to be done.

Already some TSC County Directors have warned teachers who fail to comply to term two TPAD deadline of dire consequences.
Term two TPAD is expected to close immediately after Friday this week when schools will officially close.

By last term TSC officials from Upper Hill had visited twenty six counties to check on TPAD implementation in schools.

During the visits, the Commission insisted that teachers should attach evidence in their online TPAD submissions.

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The officials also asked teachers to stick to the TPAD calendar of activities that will ensure smooth process with little collisions.

According to TPAD calendar of activities teachers are supposed to plan for meetings before school opening involving all staff to set school TPAD Activity calendar.

The meeting should happen during the last week of school holiday and attended by all teachers including the school head.

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Heads of institution should ensure teachers avail their professional documents during the first week after reopening for approval.

From the second week teachers (Appraisees and appraisers) should start undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gaps. This is a continuous process going through to tenth week.


TPAD Activity Action By Time Frame
1. Planning meetings before school opening involving all staff to set school TPAD Activity calendar Heads of Institutions , Senior
Management Team, Teachers,
By the last week of the school holiday.
2. Submission of professional documents Heads of institution
All Teachers
By the end of the first week of the term
3. Undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gaps Appraisees and appraisers. Between 2nd week and 10th week of the term
4. Undertaking teacher professional development to address professional gaps. Appraisees, appraisers, institutional administrators. Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
5. Internal Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of TPAD process. Heads of institution, Deputy Head of Institution, Heads of Department Continuous throughout the term
6. Monitoring the implementation of TPAD process at county level; zonal, sub county & county Curriculum Support Officers, Sub County Directors and County Directors Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
7. TPAD rating meetings Appraisee (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD) By the closing date of the term
8. Uploading of TPAD data and evidence. Appraisee (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD) Throughout the term

TSC launched the TPAD tool in 2015 and later moved it online in 2016. In 2019 the Commission enhanced the tool by incorporating other tools including Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules and renamed it TPAD2.

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TPAD is a mandatory tool which the Commission also uses to promote teachers.

According to TSC teachers who do not take part in the appraisal process will not be considered for promotion.

TSC said teachers who do not fill the performance appraisal forms will be overlooked in case of any chance for promotion.

Such teachers will also be subjected to disciplinary process inline with teachers code of regulations.


From 27th December 2021, teachers will start their 30 year training programme dubbed Teacher Professional Development (TPD).

The training will take 5 days of each school holiday. TSC has already released a list of training centres for teachers.

TSC says both public and private school registered teachers should enroll for the mandatory training which starts this December.

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