The teachers employer, TSC, has been on the forefront to ensured that its services are done online, and that the activities to be undertaken by teachers are triumphantly centralised on the convenient TSC portal.

The portal has been the main epicenter for teachers to channel their complains and compliments without necessarily visiting the headquarters.

Among the services that are at the reach of teachers is the appraisal tool, the TPAD, that was introduced to monitor teachers’ work execution, update learners progress and also filling of the lesson observations.

The latter aforementioned activity was integrated into the TPAD tool just to avoid the waste of school resources that could involve printouts of observation forms before being filled. The forms are currently virtual, and they have to be filled online.

The previous TPAD submissions clearly indicated that the lesson observation activity are usually created online, and then completed later, something that could not bring out the fulfilment of the commission’s main objective on digitization of its programs.

The mismatch was noticed when the difference in the dates of creation and completion of lesson observation was more than a day apart, basing on the data submitted by teachers after completion of the appraisal.

According to the TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia, while addressing the Regional and County Directors of Education at the headquarters, noted that the difference in dates is a clear indicator of noncompliance to the TPAD rules and regulations, and hence could not display a clear picture of the actions happening on the ground.

Dr Macharia has therefore elaborated that lesson observation must be done in class by the appraiser when the lesson is being taught. She also added that the date and time for creation and completion of the said observation should occur concurrently with the lesson being taught by the appraisee.

She condoned the practices that are going on in schools which are not in line with the commission’s directives, and has requested the deputy headteachers and the TPAD champions to spearhead on the requirements of the commission for each activity done under the commission’s jurisdiction.

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