A newly employed teacher is expected to work for a minimum period of Six (6) months before such a teacher can be considered for permanent employment. The teacher must apply to the Teachers’ Service Commission for appointment on permanent basis. This should be done one month before the expiry of the probation period.

Recently the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) announced that teachers who will be  successful in securing jobs in the recent advertised job vacancies will work for 10years before being confirmed to permanent and pensionable terms. This is according to details contained in a public notice by the Teachers Service Commission.

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“Please note, to qualify for appointment on permanent and pensionable terms of service, a candidate should be eligible to serve for a minimum of 10 continuous years, effective from the date of first appointment,” TSC CEO notice.

According to TSC, this clause is meant to caution job seekers above the age of 45 that unless they work for 10 uninterrupted years, they won’t qualify for pension. “All teachers will be confirmed after six months but we’re only advising them that to qualify for pension, one has to serve for 10 years,” the TSC Communications officer Betty Wababu said.

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To apply, the teacher must fill a form that is endorsed by the Principal/ Head Teacher. Four copies of this form are required. Details on this form include: Teacher’s name, TSC Number, Grade (entry grade), date of appointment, name of current institution and the teacher’s self assessment report.

Important information to be filled in that form 

Other parts on the form that are filled out by the Principal/ Head Teacher are: The Head’s overall assessment of suitability for confirmation, Name of head, Signature, Stamp and date. The copies of the duly filled form are dispatched to: the TSC head quarters, The TSC County Director, the head of institution and another is retained by the teacher.

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