Teachers were shocked after realizing that AON Minet health care providers decided to place them in lower employment groups

Teachers who have logged into their accounts have found that they are placed in lower grades which means they will enjoy limited services and pay.

This is because the cost of medical coverage provided by teachers depends on the appropriate group of teachers’ work.

Looking at TSC contracted AON portal, teachers are placed in lower grades so they will not enjoy all the benefits associated with that level of work.

Teachers complain that their details in the AON section indicate that the distance is below the current level set by their employer, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). “Log in to the Aon minet self care portal using the link above (https://collaborationkenya.minet.com/tsc) and check out the work group you are listed and gender.

This is because most of us are listed in group K and yet you are in Job group L or higher, thus reducing the amount of money e.g. .

Obviously it is not possible for anyone to convert Job’s own team because the tab has been disabled by AON Minet. As a result, one should visit the AON offices or contact them by phone for assistance before December 6th.

To view a list of all AON contacts and physical offices please click; All contacts, location and names of AON Minet county administrators and how to easily register with AON minet add dependants and view details . TSC renewed contract for an additional three (3) years.

Remember to update the details of the people you trusted.
The medical scheme allows for a change of dependents at the beginning of the policy year.

Kindly log in to https://collaborationkenya.minet.com/tsc, click dependency change, complete the changes as needed and paste the supporting documents as written on the form.

How to check details of dependants 

Once the subscribers have registered, it is important to check the AON website to see if the information entered is correct.

However, dependents must first be taken from the AON portal. This can be done through the Minet Self Service Portal; https://collaborationkenya.minet.com/tsc The same site can be used to upload supporting documents.

List of documents to be uploaded

After successful registration, a person must provide proof of uploaded documents. The scriptures apply that to all who trust in him. The following documents are required, where applicable:

1). Acquisition document; of any adopted child.
2). Birth Certificate / Birth Notice of all registered children.
3). Dependent document conversion.
4). Data document conversion; whenever an amendment is made to the information previously announced.
5). Marriage certificate / marriage certificate.
6). National Identity Card.
7). Proof of Disability.
8). School proof (School ID required).


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