1. Diploma in Information Technology (IT)

It is the most marketable diploma course in Kenya today.Technology in Kenya is increasing rapidly thus companies require someone to handle all their IT work making a diploma in IT very marketable in Kenya. If you have always had a thing for sciences, this is the best course you can pursue. Students in this course get examined by KNEC that is dedicated to offering excellent services.

2. Diploma in Communication Information Technology

KASNEB an examining body in Kenya ranked communication information technology as the second best diploma course in Kenya. This is because the course comprises of academic units similar to those in the degree program.



  1. Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

It is one of the most paying and marketable diploma course in Kenya today. The world will never run out of communication specialists. These are the real drivers of the economy and growth in industries. In this digital era, many companies are recruiting social media experts and people who have a grasp of online marketing.You can study a communication diploma at Daystar University, Kenya Institute of Management, USIU or the University of Nairobi, among others.

  1. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation/ Project Management                             It is among the top marketable diploma courses in Kenya as it prepares individuals who can manipulate data and analyze it, conduct research and design projects. Most people who study this diploma course end up working for NGOs.You can study Project Management at Kenya Institute of Management, Moi University, AMREF, JKUAT and Maseno University.
  1. Diploma in Customer Service/ Front Office

Though it is considered the most flooded profession, the truth is that there will always be a demand for customer care agents and people who can man the front office. Companies like Safaricom, Airtel among others are always hiring customer service people. The best colleges to enroll for a diploma in Customer Service/ Front Office include NIBS, Daystar University, KIMC, USIU and Technical University of Mombasa.

  1. Diploma in Quantity Survey

This is one of the most marketable diploma courses that Kenyans are yet to embrace. With the real estate industry growing at a fast rate in Kenya, the demand for quantity surveyors continues to grow. You can be assured that you will get a job after you are done with your diploma course.

  1. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

KNEC ranked it as one of the best and most marketable diploma course in Kenya. The best universities that offer diplomas in Engineering are JKUAT, UON, Moi University and the Technical University of Kenya.


  1. Diploma in Nursing

This is a course that is in high demand since there is a huge demand for nurses in Kenya and around the world. There has always been a shortage of nurses in public hospitals hence the Kenyan government in the need to curb this shortage is employing more nurses. Kenya Medical Training College is known for the best diploma courses in Nursing in Kenya.


9.Diploma in Accounting and Finance

The corporate world will always need accountants and financial experts. Colleges like the Kenya Institute of Management offer excellent diploma courses in Accounting and Finance.

  1. Diploma in Business Management

It is considered flooded but still remains a marketable course that anyone can pursue.You can study a diploma in business management at Kenya Institute of Management, Moi University, among others

















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