Education is a very marketable course in Kenya. Every year, teachers retire, leaving vacancies in the field of education. Hence the demand for teachers will never stop. TSC employs more teachers every year to replace those retiring. This means that the risk of unemployment after attaining a degree in Education is very minimal. TSC considers the following factors when employing;

  • Subject combination
  • Length of stay after graduation
  • Willingness to work in different parts of the country

Subject combination is a great factor during employment. In order to be on the frontline for great opportunities, make sure your subject combination is very much in market. This will land you opportunities to even teach in really good private schools if you fail to be employed by the TSC. After going through the TSC teacher adverts for the past couple of years, here is what we found to be the top ten most marketable subject combinations;

  1. Physics and Mathematics
  2. Chemistry and Mathematics
  3. Biology and Chemistry
  4. Geography and History
  5. Biology and Agriculture
  6. Mathematics and Computer studies
  7. Physics and Chemistry
  8. Business and Geography
  9. English and literature
  10. French and any other subject

These subjects always appear on the TSC list from time to time. Technical subjects like Computer and French have been introduced in many Kenyan schools recently and therefore require more teachers. A combination of any of the two technical subjects any other subject will definitely land you an opportunity to teach in many schools.

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