Are you looking for some marketable technical courses in Kenya 2021 that you can pursue? If so, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed the best certificate and diploma courses that are currently in demand to help you secure a job as soon as you complete your education.

Keep in mind that you can still take any course and secure a job as soon as you graduate. You can also take the top marketable technical courses in Kenya listed below and still tarmac for the rest of your life!

Top 10 marketable technical courses in Kenya

Scoring less than C plus nowadays means that you can’t join any university. Nonetheless, this should not bar you from continuing with your education as there are pretty nice technical courses you can pursue and even earn more than a degree graduate! Below is a  list of marketable technical courses in Kenya ;

1. Welding and Fabrication

This is arguably one of the most marketable technical course in Kenya. There are very few specialists in this field and so getting a job with a top-notch company is very simple as soon as you graduate.

I know a couple of technical college lecturers in this field who retired a long time ago but are still teaching in major institutions. Why is it so? Because of the limited number of specialists in the field.

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As long as Kenyans will continue building houses, buying metal tanks or trailers then you will readily secure good employment after graduation. You can even choose to start your own welding workshop and be your own boss.

The course is best offered in the following institutions.

  • Wote Technical Training Institute (WTTI)
  • Maasai Mara Technical Vocational College.
  • Kenya Industrial Training Institute
2. Electrical Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A certificate or a diploma in this field is very marketable. Certificate students can get a nice wiring contract on huge buildings where they can even make up to Ksh. 30,000 in a good month.

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On the other hand, diploma graduates can be employed to maintain, troubleshoot, or repair electrical systems in major companies like KPLC, KENGEN and the rest. These companies pay their employees pretty well.

We highly recommend taking the course in the following institutions:

  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • University of Nairobi
  • Technical University of Kenya

3. Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the best marketable technical courses in Kenya. If you don’t have any interest in computers then never dare enroll in it. Also, if you are not good at memorising codes and mathematics, don’t do the same.

Why is it so?

This course involves a lot of programming, designing, and maintaining databases which require coding knowledge. A spelling error costs a lot in the processes.

There are so many best paying computer science jobs in Kenya today. In fact, it is very hard to tarmac – we are in a digital world where computers do everything!

Pursue the course from the following verified institutions:

  • University of Nairobi
  • Masinde Muliro University
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Dedan Kimanthi and so on

4. Business Administration

Some careers are ever in demand. For instance, any growing organisation needs a team of people to fill some basic roles like customer care, business administration and so on.

With a diploma or a certificate in Business Administration, you can work in different fields like reception, Personal Assistant, Sales or Customer Care representative.

With a D plus and above you can take the course in the following institutions:

  • Thika Institute of Business Studies (TIBS)
  • Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
  • Kenyatta University
  • Machakos University College among others.
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5. Information Technology

Technology is part of Kenya today and even in the future. As we move closer to 2030, tech companies are being established day by day in the country and also the rest of the world.

This implies that the demand for specialists in the field is high. For this reason, this is considered as one of the Marketable technical courses in Kenya today.

To further enhance your certificate we recommend enrolling in multiple short courses as they will make you more marketable than any other fresh graduate.

However, IT experts don’t get employed, they mostly employ themselves!

Experts in this field can design and maintain websites, plugins, application and numerous programs. Designing a top-notch website costs more than Ksh. 20,000.

Some experts charge even up to Ksh. 200,000 for a single website or application depending on the specifications.

If you specialize in penetration testing, big companies like Safaricom, Uber, Telkom, Airtel and more can hire you to enhance the security of their systems.

You can never be paid less than Ksh. 100,000 when you identify and fix some security bugs in just two or three hours.

6. Sales and Marketing

Almost every company in the country needs a marketing and sales representative to help them create public awareness of their products. For this reason, if you have the right skills, you can never tarmac for more than a year.

If you are a fresh graduate in this field, you should first consider getting some experience before applying for big jobs.

This is a very critical thing that interviewers check before hiring any marking or sales representative.

Sales and Marketing experts earn up to Ksh. 100, 000 plus sales commissions.

7. Agriculture-related courses

Today, there are a few diploma/certificate agriculture graduates.

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Many students opt to take other courses like engineering over Agriculture as they mostly associate it with poverty. This is not true as some agriculture specialists in irrigation, drainage and so on are paid nicely.

Again, it is not a must that you be employed on a farm when you pursue agricultural courses. You can get a good job from various NGOs like the UN, Red Cross and so on.

To enroll in any of these courses, you should be having at least C- in your KCSE

8. Building and Construction

Urbanization in Kenya is growing day by day and so you can be sure you will never be jobless for more than a month if you do this course.

Increasing population is also forcing millionaires to invest in real estates; this can earn you a long-term well-paying contract.

Building and construction equips students with the necessary skills of renovating, managing, constructing and maintaining buildings. The course is best offered in the following institutions:

  • Wote Technical Training College
  • Murang’a University
  • Kericho Technical Institute
  • PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute and so on.

9. TV and Film Production

This is one of the enjoyable technical courses that are marketable in Kenya 2021 which you can pursue with as low as C plain.

We all love watching movies, series, and videos, so be sure that you will love it.

Many colleges offer this course but we recommend the following:

  • African Digital Media Institute
  • Institute of Mass and Technology.
  • Kenyatta University
  • East African Media Institute

10. Control and Instrumentation

Industrialization is growing each and every day in the country.

Now, each industry needs a technician to maintain, repair and upgrade most of its manufacturing instruments and processes.

A diploma or certificate in Control and Instrumentation engineers is therefore very marketable today.

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