The Kenya Medical Training College is a State Corporation under the ministry of Health entrusted with the role of training of the various health disciplines in the health sector, to serve the local, regional and international markets. It has done commendable work in training various health workers in the country. KMTC offers various courses in the field of health and medicine. Here are the top ten courses you would want to take;

1. KMTC Nursing Diploma Course
This is a 3 year course that is very much marketable in Kenya due to the fact that the field of health can never have too much nurses. In addition, it is a very wide course since there are different types of nurses, including midwives, mental Health nurses, and psychiatric nurses. To be able to be accepted as a student, you need to have the following academic qualifications;

  • Must score a C plain overall in KCSE
  • Must score a C plain in at least one of the languages
  • A C plain in either Biology or Chemistry
  • A C in Math
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2. KMTC Pharmacy Diploma course
This is a very marketable course that pays handsomely. After 3 years of study, one stands a chance to be employed in many public and private hospitals as a pharmacist. You can also get a license and start your own pharmacy and chemist shops. The qualifications for this course are similar to those required for nursing except one can be accepted with a C- in Math.

3. KMTC Clinical Medicine Diploma course
Clinical Medicine has always been a very marketable course in Kenya. With a diploma in this course, one can be employed in many hospitals in the country. You can also start your own clinic if you get a license. This is a 3 year course and its requirements for admission are the same as in Pharmacy above.

4. KMTC Optometry Diploma course
Optometry is offered in KMTC Nairobi and its duration is 3 years. It is a very marketable course in that, there are very few eye specialists in the country. Therefore, the ministry of health is striving to make sure that there is enough eye specialists in the country hence one is guaranteed employment after completing the course. The qualifications for this course are the same as that of Nursing.

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5. KMTC Dental Technology Diploma course.
Similar to Optometry, Dental Technology is also offered in KMTC Nairobi. Studying this course will allow you to secure a job automatically in the country. Dental Health is very important and therefore there is a need to have more dental specialists in the country. You can also get a license and start your own dental clinic. Its qualifications are similar to Nursing above.

6. KMTC Medical Laboratory Diploma course
Medical laboratory is a very marketable course that can get you employed in various institutions in the country. It lasts for three years and is offered in various KMTC campuses all over the country. The qualifications for admission are the same as that of Pharmacy above.

7. KMTC Nutrition and Dietetics Diploma course
Nutritionists are required in many places in the country, whether in an institution or at personal level. It is a job that pays handsomely. To stand a chance, one needs to have scored a mean grade of C in KCSE, a C in English/Kiswahili and Biology and a C in Chemistry/ Physics.

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8. KMTC Health records and IT Diploma course.
This is a simple course that you should not overlook while selecting. It is a 3 year duration course plus a year of internship which makes it four years.

9. KMTC Physiotherapy Diploma course.
Physiotherapists help in the healing process for patients with different physical problems. The demand for physiotherapists in many hospitals in the country is very high and therefore you might want to consider this. This course takes 3 years to complete and its qualifications are the same as those in Nursing.

10. KMTC Orthopedic Trauma Medicine Diploma Course
It is a 3 year course that will land you a job opportunity in different hospitals in the country or even beyond. In order to stand a chance, one needs to have the same qualifications as those in Nursing.

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