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Joining university of your choice is one of the most impactful phases of life. In fact one feels better to  receive  an invitation letter  of the university of his/her choice and above all to pursue the dream course.

Most people join university having a lot expectations. There are those who get excited of the impending freedom, some have lived in villages all their  lives therefore joining university gives them a privilege to at least set foot in towns and even cities, some eager to interact with people from different parts of the country, others gets excited about joining because of the prestige associated with being a university student, others also feel happy to start pursuing their dreams by pursuing courses of their choice and in fact getting that chance become so exhilarating, others feels good to be allowed to draft their schedule last but not least some like the fact that they wouldn’t go for morning preps.

All these expectations makes one to have many thoughts lingering in the mind hence becomes uncomfortable and to some extent pessimistic about campus life. Therefore you need not to worry after all in everything you do there must be a beginning.

Below are some of the tips and ways which will help you understand how to survive in campus being a first year. If you follow them to the letter you will have a mind blowing year in campus.

  • Be organized: there is a lot of free  time in campus therefore its good if you use it should keep in mind that in campus there’s no one to supervise you hence you need to be extra careful and intelligent enough about your schedule and daily activities. In as much you as you’ve been yearning for this freedom remember there should be limitations also.
  • Get to know the campus environment: you should familiarise yourself with the campus environment because it will make your learning and movement so easy and comfortable. Therefore during that first week of orientation ensure you be attentive and in fact its advisable  to fully attend.
  • Have a balanced lifestyle while in campus: while in campus you should strive to be part of social activities which are available in school for example clubs and events ie sports clubs, church clubs and even educational clubs.
  • Give your studies the first priority: there’s no feeling that can surpass the one you get when joining to the university of your choice and pursue your dream course therefore while in campus ensure you take your studies seriously by attending your classes, taking your CATs, Assignments and even exams and ensure you get quality grades. Get to acquaint yourself with the lecturers,professors and other academic advisers because it will assist you keep your studies and grades intact and above all boost your confidence and you will have courage to make enquiries even seek help when need be.
  • Learning to have a budget: sometimes when trying to adapt to the new environment in campus, you may find you have been overwhelmed and even be tempted to be a send thrift. You should be wise in your financial sending simply because campus actually prepares for the future. Therefore we recommend you always draft a budget and stick to it. However, even when you are within a budget, ensure that you eat healthy and keep fit.
  • Don’t be a loner : while in campus you should try as much as you can to make new friends since it will give you ya sense of belonging and to some extent wild help you fight the nagging ,uncomfortable home-sick feelings. But get to understand the type of friends you make so you should assess your friends cycle.
  • Remember to apply for HELB: the word HELB is like a music to any university student moreso the need ones. This refer to a body which gives loans to students each academic year. HELB loan is very sweet and it actually saves many students exams, living and not to mention relationships. You can survive with this loan and if you become smart enough you can do something constructive with it.
  • Do your shopping in bulk: When i talk of shopping i simply refer to all your personal effects those things which you will require to make your life comfortable in school. For example those students who will find it good to stay outside school who most of the time cooks for themselves this one will help you so much in that you may get a discount in buying bulk and also you will be sorted for along term.
  • Learn to live by your means: “scratch yourself where your can reach” this simply means you should live by your means and avoid to live like others and you be contented with what you have. Most students end up suffering while in campus because they try to be like their “Bill Gate” friends and they end up spending the little they have.
  • Be an entrepreneur: if are smart enough with the loan i talked about earlier on, you can use the cash and start a business inside and outside school premises. Not only business you can also be a freelancer,writer and even a blogger and you will surely make ends meet. To you being broke a word commonly referred to “kusota” by university students will be just a history.
  • Be prayerful: this is the last and very important point. In fact prayers are the key to everything thing so its important to put God first in everything you do. Your relationship with our creator should not matter less to you after joining campus that’s why its advisable you join one of the church clubs which will be available in the university.




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