A local primary school is mourning the death of their school watchman man, who was Killed by unknown people and head chopped Off.

Daniel Issa a guard at winnings primary school was found lying in a pool of blood within the school compound with the head missing.

According to the reports,the 57 year old man had several cuts on the body a clear indication that the assilants slashed him using a matchete.

Photo courtesy.

Confirming the incident,area police boss Mr Simon  said that the killers fled with Daniels  head after killing him.

” The killers made away with the head and we are currently working around the clock to ensure that they are caught and brought to book” said Mr Simon.

The school headteacher and the teachers who spoke to the media hailed the deceased as a hardworking man and regretted his sudden death.


The remains of the deceased are currently preserved at the morgue awaiting medical examination and burial.




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