My name is Janet, a mother of four kids, and I have a story about our neighbor who is a local school teacher in Thika. The middle aged teacher who has been struggling in life is also married and has two children all who are in high school.

Just last year he couldn’t raise school fee for his children and he was forced to organize a local fundraiser in his area to help support his family’s education life. I remember we managed to help him raise some sh 90,000 which he rushed to pay school fees because one of his kids was siting final exams.

However, some two months ago I saw the guy arrive home with a top Toyota Prado car which resembles those that are usually used by politicians. I asked him who was the real owner of the high end car and he nodded his head before he dropped a bombshell.

He assured me that he is the owner and when I refused to accept his answer he pulled me aside and showed me the papers i.e all the documentation including a logbook. All were in his name. I probed to know how he could afford that life when just the other day he was a beggar but he told me to relax.

He showed me what he did by explaining that wealth spells work miracles. He got the powerful spells from a traditional doctor called Ngoso. After he met Ngoso, his life has been on an upward trend and he is planning to put up a mansion in his rural area. Remember Spells are not bad as some people think. They are just there to help make your star shine.

They add luck to your life. Contact Herbalist Ngoso for more details. Also apart from netting cheating partners, herbalist Ngoso has medicine that can influence promotion at work, he has solution for troubled marriages, spinning court cases, and cushioning homes from spiritual and physical attacks.

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