Following the Government’s adjustments to the education calendar in plans that seeks to recover the 2020 education year that was lost due to the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, 2022 is the year in which four main exams will be conducted, the highest number to ever been done within a year in the history of examinations Kenya.

According to the official academic terms calendar for the year 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, the national exams that were to be done in November 2021 are now set to be done between March and April this year with the 2022 exams being scheduled to be done between November and December the same year.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary education (KCPE) according to the calendar is scheduled to take place from 7th of March 2022 to 10th of March 2022 while Kenya Certificate of secondary education (KCSE) is scheduled for a period of three weeks and one day, beginning on 11th of March 2022 running through to 1st of April 2022.

Within the same year, on 28th to 10th of November, 2022 KCPE is scheduled to take place with KCSE examinations expected to be done from 1st to 23rd of December, a period of three weeks and one day.

Marking of KCSE exams is scheduled for a period of three weeks.

The normal school calendar is expected to be achieved by 2023 where the first term is scheduled to run from 23rd January to 21st April 2023, second term to resume on 8th May to 11th August 2023 while third term is scheduled to resume from 28th August to 3rd of November 2023.

2023 KCPE is scheduled for 4 days, starting from 6th to 9th November 2023. On the other hand, 2023 KCSE is scheduled for 10th November 2023 to 1st of December 2023. Marking of the KCSE is scheduled for December 4th to 22nd.

Schools were opened on 3rd of January 2022 for the third term which is expected to end on 4th March 2022 having taken a period of 9 weeks. First term for the year 2022 is scheduled to take 10 weeks starting on 25th April and ending on 1st July 2022. Students will open again for the second term on 11th July and close on 16th September 2022, a period of 10 weeks. The third term will resume on 26th September which will run to 25th November 2022, a period of 9 weeks, after which the Normal school calendar will have been restored.

Meanwhile, as the ministry of education is struggling to ensure normal school calendar is attained after the disruption by the covid-19 pandemic, parents across the country are still scratching their heads as they struggle to pay school fees for their children following the limited time they have in between terms.

However, Education CS Prof. George Magoha recently urged school heads to agree with parents on School fees payment and allow students to remain in schools. He added that the government will disburse funds to school accounts on time as they are prepared to ensure the normal school calendar is attained by 2023.

“The money for the third term this year is going to be in the accounts next week. Please, let no teacher send any child home. Those are the children who are boarders. Primary school is free and if anybody sends any child home, we should be notified so that firm action is taken,” he said.

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