For a class to be all jovial and achieve its purpose,reactions from both the teacher and the student matter. It is always the duty of the teacher to ensure that the students do not loose concentration in class .However there are some things that teachers do that motivates students and hence making it fun and enjoyable to be in a certain class and in this case the students will always give back by giving good grades or quite motivating performance in your subject.You don’t have to strain that much inorder to motivate your student but trust me these little things will always motivate your students

1. Giving rewards

When good work is appreciated ,a student feels motivated and gets the morale to work even smarter . Rewards doesn’t necessarily mean that you buy gifts and offer to students but even a mere “good work” where truly good work has been done really matters. When gifts are given students tend to enjoy every single bit of the lesson and the evaluations since they know after all they will will surely be awarded and in this case no one would ever want to miss an award no matter how small it is it makes a big change.

2.The teachers excitement

How you introduce the lessons/topics matters alot.Enthusiasm is contagious hence your smile makes a big difference in that class .Include such things as real example situations while explaining concepts .Don’t be a boring teacher give students time to give their experiences in relation to the concept that you are teaching  .The class is always controlled by the mood that you are in at that particular time so make sure you smile at all times leave your personal problems out of the class .

3.Encourage competition 

Give tasks and reward the best performer in that task ,this will increase the competition since everyone will be focused on what they will get.Competition is very healthy in a class  and it makes students realise their inner capabilities and realise how far they can go about a given task.

4.Include them in sourcing lesson plans

Involve students in giving opinions in such things as lesson plans ,this will help you realise which lessons they like and at what time they like them hence won’t feel  left out .Their views are important since they know what they can understand best at  a particular time .Though people have different views and you cannot adhere to all of them,it is good to put into consideration some of their views.



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