For a school setting to be effective in its purpose,there must be a mutual responsible relationship between a teacher and the learner .At most times we tend to concentrate more on what a teacher is supposed to do for learning to be successful and tend to forget the donts.These factors are not really punishable by any law but are good for the enhancement of a conducive learning environment and the achievement of the  intended  purpose which is a the success of the student and the satisfaction of the teacher in the meeting his / his role in the learning process. Considering the set rules that governs teachers ,these tips might increase your efficiency.

1.Forcing students to be silent

Silence is necessary in a learning environment since noise may be a barrier to effective message passage and communication between the learner and the teacher. However this does not apply at all times and if it were so even then why don’t the  teachers maintain silence in the lounge during lesson breaks .A student will always want to talk  to their mates along the corridors ,in classes  etc . However this should not give the student a room to make unnecessary noise or cause distract other busy  students.

2.Do not force students to make apologies

Apologies are good but they work better when they are legit and sincere. Back in my school days we used to be forced to apologise to people we have wronged ,the teacher would act as a mediator ,listen to the grievances of both parties and then would settle it with” can you two handshake as  a sign of forgiveness”. Honestly this was my worst experience those days because the victims will pretend to have solved differences but will still fight again because they still hold grudges .why ?Because the scores have not been well settled. Another example of a forced apology is the one we used to write when we have maybe disrespected teachers ,after being punished you were supposed to write an apology letter. Yes ,the student will write it not because they are sincere but because they want to end the issues.

3.students sitting still for long


In such things as double lessons ,do not allow students to sit still for long . Sitting consequtively for that whole lesson is tiresome and some students will have lost concentration. Keep them active by allowing the to stand or even engage them in group work to maintain concentration.

4.Be tolerant to forgetfulness

I know when a student says they forgot their books or assignment ,it doesn’t sound logic to a teacher . This reason is commonly used by students who have not met things like assignment deadlines but try  a little bit consideration because in some cases it is usually genuine but the student ends up being punished .

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