Most Kenyans always work hard in school with an aim of having a better and improved life in the future. Most of them invest their money in studying in good schools and pursuing good courses at the university.

However, reality hits most of them after completing their studies and failing to secure a job. Some even go to an extent of being depressed and regretting why they had to work tirelessly to study. Worldwide, unemployment has caused much pain and panic to many as securing a job has been very difficult. Above all, pursuing the following courses will have a huge benefit and you’ll live happily with no regret as jobs are assured.


Nursing has recently been among the most sought and marketable courses in the country and the world at large. Be it certificate, diploma or a bachelor’s degree in nursing, nurses have remained to be highly sought as New hospitals are coming up day by day to solve healthcare crisis.

As new hospitals come up, services offered by nurses remain to be highly sought as lifestyle has changed among many people meaning diseases are on the rise. As a result this makes nursing a very competitive and highly sought course by many.

Clinical Medicine and Surgery.

If your mindset is focused and determined on pursuing a course dealing with clinical medicine and surgery, then you are on the right path of life. It is obvious the demand on medical doctors will always be high due to their few numbers and more hospitals coming up day by day.

Research shows that there are only few doctors, which means most of them are not based in a single Healthcare facility. They travel from one hospital to the other to attend to patients making them highly sought. Only few people have pursued this course making it among the hotcakes.

Engineering Courses.

In the current technological world, courses related to engineering have proved to be among the best and highly sought be employers. Almost everything has gone digital nowadays as technology has has made life to be more simpler.

Anyone wishing to pursue an engineering related course should grab the opportunity without hesitation. Engineering courses such as civil, electrical, mechanical among others remain to be best in the current job market aas they are on demand.


Availability of teaching jobs will always be there, which means someone pursuing an education course should’nt be worried at all. This is because every nation’s progress depends on provision of quality education to its people. Several graduates, who have completed education courses begin working immediately after graduating.

It is a highly demanding career, and even more advantageous more especially subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics as most are almost directly absorbed into the job market upon graduation.

Business courses.

Demand for business people is slowly spreading like bush fire. Most people have set up numerous busineses which requires graduates who have pursued business courses. People intending to pursue business courses should go ahead as they are assured of the numerous job opportunities available in the market.

Information Technology.

Almost everything has gone online nowadays. This has made a course in information technology to be highly sought after. Each and every organizations requires someone with knowledge on IT to secure their websites and the organization’s cyber security.

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