Corona virus is a disease that was first discovered in Wuhan , China late last year and rapidly spread to other parts of the world leading it to be  termed as a global pandemic.Though most of its effects are adverse, we cannot escape the fact that there is some positivity in the deadly pandemic.some of its advantanges include:

1.invention of ventilators and masks

The break out of the pandemic has inspired university students to make use of the available resources  and make ventilators to sustain those in ICU diagonised with COVID 19 .The ventilators have cut cost of importing expensive ventilators from overseas.The textile industries have also expanded due to the high demand for masks as the rule of wearing a mask in public places continues to apply.

2.Expansion of home internet

Due to the rule of working from home where possible to reduce the spread of corona virus, the use of internet has dominated and with that one has to have data to connect to the internet.Companies like safaricom, faiba, airtel and other service providing networks are making enormous profits from data packages

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3.Broken families brought back together

This is due to the fact that people are spending much of their time at home.Those parents who used to dedicate much of their time to work and ignoring family responsibilities are now at home.The same applies to those relatives who used to work far from their families and only visited during holidays and festive seasons.

4.Streamlining of the education sector

This is through the ongoing alternative of online studying since schools have closed .It is an online curriculum that is ensuring studies are not much disrupted during this pandemic.

5.Pollution has decreased

Due to the application of lockdown rules, there is less demand for goods and normal business activities have been disrupted hence activities of the factories that emit toxic waste either yo the air or land have reduced.

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6.The art of giving and sharing has been cemented

This is through the calling of helping the needy with food stuffs and other necessities during these trying times.Corporates are donating such things things as food stuffs, masks and funds in aid of help to the less fortunate in the society in form of CSR activities.

7.Alternity and discipline

Due to the drop in the economy, most people are adopting new ways  of earning from home.People have also learnt not to rely on employment as the only source of income.Those working from home have learnt to work under minimal or no supervision at all.

8.Pay cut offs and tax reviews

The president announced  a pay cut off for himself, his deputy as well as other top government officials all that expected  to go to  combating the corona virus spread.This is action is the positive since its almost every time that we hear the MPs and senators debating a motion of salaries and allowances increament.Tax was also relieved fully for people earning less than 24000 and income tax dropped from 30%-25%.

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9.Kenya airways fly citizens for free

The kenya airways offered one way complimentary tickets  to Nairobi for  citizens with urgent needs, however proper screening of the passengers was done after arrival.

10.Artistes get a boost

This is when the president announced that the government had set aside 100 million to be shared among Kenyan artists.This was a big boost to the  Kenyan artists who are no longer holdimg shows to earn income due to the social distancing rule.

11.Loans and grants 

The kenyan government has been able to acquire relief from foreign sources to curb the spread of the virus since it has been termed as an universal pandemic




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