Maria is swahili telenovela series that airs on citizen tv .The programme airs at 7.30- 8.00pm on the week days.

where does maria telenovela originate from ?

The  maria telenovela that has gripped many is as a result of two couples  brain works that is Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla.They are the main faces behind this captivating TV series.Apart from being couples, hosting an unique news show on a national television  they have also produced various films airing on diferent stations.The two say that they have invested a lot in the film and the response they receive every day after each episode is amazing which shows that the their effort is not getting into waste.

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Small synopsis about the maria film

The programme is about a love drama involving Luwi the last born son from an affluent family who falls in love with Maria a girl from the ghetto after which he ends up his legally wedded wife  Sofia.After her mothers death, Maria is adopted to an affluent family by William who is Luwi’s dad.Despite moving to such a lavish lifestyle , Maria’s ghettoish behaviour cannot be hidden despite her captivating beauty that atracts Luwi’s attention .Sofia is angered by the fact that Luwi’s attention is shifting to Maria.she plans and stages a pregnancy which leaves Luwi with no option than to hurriedly conduct a wedding thus making Sofia his legally wedded wife.However, this does not stop Luwi from drawing more closer and closer to  maria.

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Maria cast

The telenovela involves actors that have dedicated themselves to giving their best and with consistency hence making the film a success.The film incorporates both the experienced and the upcoming actors and actresses in the film industry.You won’t believe that the main actor herself (Maria)its her first feature in the film industry which has brought her such a huge fame.Below is a list for the cast and their real names:

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Maria-Yasmin Said

Boss William-Dennis Musyoka

Vicky-sheila Ndanu

Luwi-Brian Ogana

Vannesa-Wanjiru stephens

Sofie-Bridget shighadi

Naomi-Terry ombaka

Brenda-Maureen Wangare

Lorna-Tina njambi

Fr Ezekiel-musa ore

Mother Teresa-Grace obuye

koros-Edwin Buni

Kobi-Linda mukamiwa

Thomas-Quincy ando

Kanini-Alice Mari

Marianne-Botul Abdalla

Tekno-Antony Ashioya


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