According to the Teacher Service Commission (TSC), primary school head teachers will begin receiving a special stipend in January 2023.

The Commission intends to attract the school heads with promotions and greater compensation for the Grade 7 assignment, according to TSC, who claims that the school head teachers would have an additional administrative duty that demands for an additional task.

The junior secondary school division, which will be housed inside their current schools, will be under the management of the primary school heads. According to TSC, students in Grade 7 who will continue attending elementary schools in January will continue to report to their school’s principal.

When testifying before the Parliament’s Education Committee, TSC Chairperson Jamleck Muturi and TSC Head of Legal Affairs Cavin Anyuor stated that the junior secondary school would continue to be run under the primary school system.

Clive Gisairo, a Kitutu Masaba MP, had a question about how teachers would manage the two categories independently.

He said, “Who will be the administrator? Will they have various management in the same school? Or how will that be done?” Anyuor replied that grade seven will continue to be administered by primary schools.

“As it stands now the administrator will still remain the head teacher of that primary until junior secondary takes off,” he said.

Increased capitation for schools was demanded by the head teachers during the 18th Kenya Primary School Heads Association (Kepsha) meeting in Mombasa. According to Johnson Nzioka, the head of Kepsha, it costs roughly Sh3 million per year to operate a primary school with 400 students.

He stated at the Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre in Mombasa during the 18th Kepsha annual conference that their requests are aimed at improving the learning environment for all children, especially those who have special needs.

“The last review on capitation was done in 2010 when it was capped at Sh1,400 per child. This figure falls far below the requirements to effectively run a primary school. In our proposal, we have taken into account inflation rates, cost of living, and depreciation.” Said Nzioka.

They urged the government to promote head teachers in Grade D1, saying the progression of the tutors at that level has stagnated for a long.

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