Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) who fails to submit their tax return to the KRA at the time  risk losing pay after the taxpayer increased his fine in this case.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) says Kenyans who fail to file their tax returns before June 30 are at risk of losing their KRA pins. In order for teachers to receive their salaries they must first be taxed and in this case they must have a KRA pin to make this happen.

For teachers to receive their salaries they must first be taxed and for this, they have to have a KRA pin for the same to be possible.

If their KRA pins are revoked it means that the payment of their pay will be withheld for not paying taxes.

The KRA has published a new notice stating that people who have failed to submit their tax returns without giving a reason will lose their pins after the 30-day window closes.

“Failure to submit tax returns, unless there is a compelling reason, the Home Tax Commissioner will be registered with their personal identification number (PIN) and cancel the KRA system,” read the notice section.

The list of anchors set for cancellation is linked to an estimated 7,107 balance accounts, most of which consist of companies, schools and self-help groups. Intended reductions and cancellations of deputies are part of KRA’s move to enforce tax returns as provided for by the 2015, Tax Procedures Act.

The KRA has asked taxpayers to use their ongoing tax disclosure system (VTDP) to estimate outstanding tax payments and meet the need to complete them. Taxpayers are also encouraged to use the Voluntary Tax Disclosure system and to apply for, disclose and pay off their outstanding debt with interest and penalties, “added the KRA.

The loss of KRA pins is expected to have serious consequences as ID numbers are a requirement for processes such as opening bank accounts, job applications and even land registration.

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