The death gratuity is a non-taxable payment to help surviving family members deal with the financial hardships that accompany the loss of a service member.

When a teacher in service dies, those dependent on him/her are entitled to death gratuity and Dependents pension. This is only possible if the deceased was a confirmed teacher in the service, and was serving on permanent pensionable terms.

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Who is able to receive this pension?

Death gratuity is granted in the following order;

  1. The surviving spouse of the deceased
  2. Children are next if there is no surviving spouse
  3. If there is none of the above, the parents of the deceased will receive it.
  4. In cases where not even of the mentioned above is alive, then the gratuity is paid to the dully appointed executor or administrator of the estate of the person.

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For death gratuity to be paid, the following shall apply;

  1. Deceased teacher’s name is removed from payroll and overpayment recovered if any.
  2. The next-of-kin should submit original death certificate and a letter by area chief identifying the next-of-kin and dependents
  3. The next-of-kin will settle over payment if any.
  4. The claim is forwarded to the director of pensions for payment.

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Pensions are payed to the deceased dependents who are aged between 5 years to 18 years.

Killed while on duty

This pension is usually paid when the teacher is killed while on duty. It is paid to the spouse or those dependent to the deceased. It is granted when a teacher succumbs to an injury on duty which was not his/ her own intention.

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In case of a dispute

There are cases where those dependent to the deceased might argue over the pension. Here, the involved parties are referred to the Deputy County Commissioner for arbitration. In other cases, they might be referred to the court of law.

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The retirees/ next of kin are informed when the claims are forwarded to the treasury for payment.

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