According to the Teachers Service Commission, practicing primary school instructors transferred to junior secondary schools would begin receiving a better pay (TSC).

The P1 teachers were assigned to teach Grade 7 students who attend elementary schools but are members of the junior secondary school division.

The first cohorts have so far had their documentation confirmed and received letters of deployment (posting) to junior secondary.

For teachers who missed their chance during the initial deployment, the Commission has reopened the application process.

“The Commission has extended the period of application for deployment to Junior Secondary Schools. The portal has been re-opened. Primary school teachers with requisite qualifications are encouraged to apply. Use the following link to access the portal. Deadline for application is 22nd March 2023,” said TSC.

TSC is now asking for information regarding the deployed teachers to be supplied as soon as possible so that it can process their new wage points.

The Commission wants this completed before it shuts down its payroll on March 15, 2023.

The TSC sent instructions to its agents in a circular dated February 17, 2023, to allow prompt placement of the deployed instructors into the new job categories.

“Immediately the teachers are deployed to JSS, the County Directors shall initiate posting on the Posting,Entry/Exit Reports Module to the Sub-County.The Sub-County Director shall post the teachers to jss,” said TSC CEO Nancy Macharia in the circular.

The TSC also instructed Heads of Institution releasing the teachers to immediately release them by submitting Departure Reports so that the Head of Institution receiving the instructors could file the Entrance Report.

It stated that all of these procedures must be completed online using the Posting, Entry/Exit Reports.

Due to the Commission’s discontinuation of processing hard copy casualties, Module.

The Head of Institution must withdraw the teacher from elementary school and file an entry report for the JSS in cases where the instructor is kept at the same post, according to Macharia.

Primary school teachers in work group C1 are the most often deployed teachers, followed by those in job group B5.

Salary for a deployed C2 teacher

Basic salary 34,955

House allowance (other areas)7.500

Hardship 10.900

Commuter 5,000

Leave(paid only in January)6,000

Those who are deployed (and have diplomas) will be assigned to job group C2, where they will serve for three years before being automatically transferred to job group C3.

However, those B5 teachers with degrees will begin at job group C1, where they will work for three years before being promoted automatically to job group C2.

Moreover, TSC has sent primary school principals who live in stations with junior high schools.

The headteachers have received letters of deployment authorizing them to lead junior secondary schools as principals from TSC Sub County Directors.

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