A section of teachers are asking the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to release official circular guiding the planned teacher training.

“When I applied for maternity leave in August I was told I can only get upto ninety days leave and not the one hundred and twenty I had filled and submitted,” said Mary (name withheld).

“according to my sub county TSC officials until a circular is released the one hundred and twenty days maternity leave was not official and cannot be applied,” she added.

Okeyo (name withheld) says he will treat everything about TPD as rumours until an official circular is issued.

However the TSC through a circular number 14/2021 dated 10th September 2021 released a new pay structure for its teachers.

According to the Commission the new salary and allowance benefits take effect from July 2021.

The salary and allowance changes was as a result of the new CBA signed between it and teachers unions. The CBA runs from July 2021 to June 2025.

Through the circular TSC also captured the CBA benefits teachers will enjoy.

Despite TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia publicly launching the programme and threating teachers who fail to attend the training of dire consequences, a circular has not been issued guiding the training.

According to Macharia, the training will lead to teachers being issued with a teaching certificate (license).

Macharia said only teachers who have enrolled and taken the module will be issued with the coveted document.

She further warned teachers who will fail to attend the training that they will be dealt with according to the code of regulations for teachers.

“Teachers who will fail to take the teaching certificate will be dealt with according to the code of regulations for teachers,” warned Macharia.

All teachers registered with the TSC, including those in private schools, ECDE centres and the unemployed, are expected to start the training tomorrow Monday.

Already training centres where five day face to face training will happen in April next year have been released.

The current training will be through an online platform and will take five days starting 27th to 31st December.

Teachers will first enroll for Introductory Module which will last for 1 year i.e December 2021 to December 2022.

The Introductory Module which starts this December, will be done through online webinar with some institutions asking teachers to download Zoom app from play store.

Teachers will pay TPD service providers a capacity building fee of sh. 6,000 yearly.

Most of the service providers have spread the fee to ease the payment burden for teachers.

Some teachers have opposed the training with some remaining adamant that they will not register for the programme.

The teachers unions have already embraced the program with Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) secretary general Collins Oyuu asking teachers with queries on the training to submit them to union officials.

Oyuu also removed an appeal touching on TPD from the Employment, Labour and Relations court which was pending hearing.

According to Oyuu this will create harmony between the union and TSC.

Knut secretary general Collins Oyuu have been warning critics of the union after signing of the non-monetary Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) saying he and his team should be given room to serve teachers.

The Kenya National Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) on the other hand suspended from payroll the county branch secretaries who opposed TPD.

According to Kuppet secretary general Akelo Misori, it is against union constitution for the secretaries to oppose something agreed by the national office.

The secretaries suspended and yet to be returned to union payroll are;

1. William Lengoyiap (Samburu county)

2. Orwa Jasolo (Migori county)

3. Shadrack Mutungi (Taita Taveta county)

4. Robert Miano (Laikipia county)

5. Sabala Inyeni (Vihiga county)

The Commission said, TPD points, transcript and a certificate will be issued after successful completion of every module.

Teachers will earn TPD points at the end of each year. Teachers will earn 60 TPD points based on the prescribed modules.

Teachers will earn TPD points at the end of each year. Teachers will earn 60 TPD points based on the prescribed modules.

Teachers will also earn 40 TPD points based on professional learning captured under TPAD e.g INSETS by CEMASTEA.

The Commission says the accumulated TPD points will be used to Renew Teaching Certificate of successful participants every 5 years.

Currently only four institutions have been accredited to offer TPD training. These are Mount Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Riara University and Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI).

The Commission says more service providers will  be selected competitively through a procurement process in 2023.

TPD service providers must be recognized and registered with the Commission to offer services which must address the 7 KePTS

The Commission will accredited various categories of TPD service providers as follows:

Category 1: Government institutions mandated to capacity teachers e.g CEMASTEA, KICD  KISE,  KNEC: Their TPD learning outcomes must be aligned to at least one of the seven KePTS

Category 2: Non State actors who are in partnership with the Commission e.g Edu Trust, UNICEF. Their  TPD learning outcomes must be aligned to at least one of the seven KePTS.

Category 3: Organizations selected through competitive tendering system. Will  use the Commission’s prescribed modules with all the seven standards

Category 3 TPD Service providers will charge a fee for the services they will offer. Currently, teachers will be charged KSH 6000 per year payable directly to the TPD service provider.

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