The posting letters for a number of the teachers hired by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in September of this year have not yet arrived.

The teachers are irate as they see their coworkers transferred to different institutions to begin employment on a permanent and pensionable basis.

In an effort to solve the teacher deficit in public elementary and secondary schools and to fill the void left by retired tutors, TSC hired a total of 14,460 teachers last month.

Despite TSC CEO Nancy Macharia’s assertion that the posting letters have been distributed, information reveals that a sizable proportion of instructors have yet to receive them.

On October 5, at the World Teachers’ Day celebrations, Macharia stated during her speech at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi that TSC has posted all teachers recruited last month.

“The TSC has posted 14,460 new teachers who were recruited last month (September 2022) arising from the fresh recruitment, and replacement of teachers who left service through natural attrition,” said Macharia.

All successful candidates were expected to be deployed to schools in early September, under the roadmap that served as the recruitment exercise’s direction.

It was discovered that some teachers will be posted by the end of the year while filling out employment forms.

In some counties, a date reflecting the teacher’s posting date was included on the employment papers.

On their job forms, teachers varied in terms of when they would be posted: some in September, some in October and November, and the final group in December 2022.

After a teacher fills out the employment form, TSC typically posts him or her to a school after three months.

According to current information, despite the delays, the recruits are still receiving their posting letters. A significant portion of them received it last

Once all newly hired instructors have been stationed, the Commission is expected to publicize the hiring of intern teachers.

In her speech, Macharia also mentioned that negotiations are still going on over the Kenya Kwanza government’s pledge to hire 58,000 teachers.

She did not, however, give a date for the hiring process but stated that instructors should look forward to positive things in the future.

“Consultations are ongoing with the Presidency on teacher recruitment and we shall be giving (updates of the) progress as we go along. Be assured that the Kenyan teacher can only expect good things going forward. We shall be telling you how to go on with this recruitment as per the Kenya Kwanza Charter,” Dr Macharia said.

President William Ruto stated last week that beginning in January of the following year, at least 30,000 instructors will be hired.

On Wednesday, October 12, the President gave a speech after he formally opened the Komarock South Primary School, which was supported by the Embakasi Central NG-CDF.

In order to close the current teacher shortage, Dr. Ruto indicated that this will be the initial step of absorbing more than 116,000 teachers.

The TSC is meeting with representatives from the President’s side this week to work out the employment and delocalization policies, which are the Ruto administration’s largest promises to teachers.

Dr. Ruto made a commitment to “guarantee that the current teacher shortfall of 116,000 is adequately bridged within two financial years by implementing a variety of strategies, including:

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