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Teacher Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself

Cases of teachers going off the rails and committing suicides have been rampant in Kenya over the years. Statistics show that this violent acts are linked to unaddressed mental and psychological issues.

Grief has hit Wikithuki primary school in Kitui  County after the school’s senior teacher committed suicide at his house.

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Jacob Muimi is said to have hanged himself in his bedroom minutes after arriving home.

Muimi’s wife said the deceased came back as usual and as they were having supper, he excused himself and went to the bedroom.

However, after calling his name several times, she noticed there was no response, sparking anxiety.

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His wife spotted the body dangling from the roof, but she was unable to get hold of the rope due to the weight of the body.

It is alleged that the teacher killed himself following pressure emanating from family issues.

Mbutu Munyasya, KNUT Executive Secretary in Mwingi, has urged teachers to remain vigilant and to report any issues to the union for guidance and counseling.

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