Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has it that 4035 teacher names have been listed for transfers.Data for school heads who have overstayed in one school for over nine years have been collected.This is through Dorothy Jonyo the deputy director staffing.

Those targeted include school heads and their deputies who have served the commission in their home counties.Other than these,teachers who have overstayed in the same station will also be transferred.

Following a circular memo from the tsc to all regional directors on February 26,the following information was to be obtained from the school heads of both primary and secondary schools.

For the principals were their home counties,present institutions,size,sponsor,category and enrollment of the station data.Others included the mean scores recorded between the years 2017 and 2021,the designated job group of the principal and gender.

On the other hand,the tsc required the following information for primary heads.The headteachers age,home county, designation, current school, and host county of the institution.

Teachers who will not be affected by the delocalization include those with underlying medical conditions and the ones who are about to retire.

However, teachers on transfers will receive their posting letters once they have reported to their respective stations.

Teachers can clarify if their names appear on the list through visiting the website www.tsc.go.ke.


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