Teachers who worked this year’s exams and evaluations will receive payment from the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) in February 2023.

Teachers, drivers, and security staff are among the Contacted Professionals who will receive payment from Knec. Teachers were hired to work as invigilators, supervisors, and center managers.

Teachers who administered the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), both of which were completed in November, will be paid by the Council.

The best contender received 431 points in the results that were already made public for the KCPE candidates.

But on January 16, 2023, the results for Grade 6 KPSEA applicants will be made public.

The students will obtain the results via their school portal, KNEC CEO David Njeng’ere stated in a speech at Mtihani House on Wednesday, December 21, during the presentation of the KCPE results.

“The learners will get individual reports and all these are going to be uploaded on the school portal on January 16, 2023,” Njeng’ere stated.

He made it clear that the outcomes would be used to track student progress rather than place candidates in junior secondary institutions.

The KNEC Chief further stated that three reports on the KPSEA would be made public by the examination body: individual, school-specific, and nationwide.

“The national report will provide feedback to educational stakeholders on areas that require intervention. It will indicate the proportion of learners at each performance level per subject where we need to do interventions. Each school will receive specific reports that will delineate the areas that learners had challenges so that they can continue in the journey of improvement,” he explained.

Despite the fact that the KPSEA tests do not include essay writing (insha and composition), both KCPE and KPSEA supervisors and invigilators will be paid at the same rate.

However, after the tests have been graded and the public has access to the results, teachers who marked the KCSE will be rewarded.

Examiners from the KCSE will report on January 2 to begin marking the tests. Physics practicals will wrap up the 2022 KCSE exams today.

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