According to recent information, teachers who apply for positions in junior secondary schools will not be posted to the schools of their choosing.

After carefully reviewing the online application process, applicants are only permitted to select their teaching combination in one county. This merely means that TSC will ultimately decide which school a teacher will be posted to.

The employer of the teachers underlined in a statement on Friday that 25,550 of the teachers will be interns and 10,000 will have permanent pensionable terms.

According to the report, 1,000 permanent primary school teachers and 9,000 permanent secondary school teachers will fill each of the available slots, while 21,550 intern teachers will fill the junior secondary school spots.

According to the Commission, 4000 additional intern teachers will be hired for primary schools.

The TSC earlier reported that there were an estimated 114,581 teachers needed to fill the country’s primary and secondary schools.

The good news is that teachers who are presently working as interns will not need to apply because the Commission will directly hire them and place them in junior secondary schools.

The TSC County Director shall provide to the Commission the names of those who were interviewed and their performance in the selection process, listed in order of performance for each vacancy, along with the successful candidates’ recruitment materials.

All applicants, with the exception of those who studied agriculture, business studies, home science, or computer studies, must have taken the two teaching subjects at KCSE. If you didn’t pursue business studies or computer science, you should have gotten at least a C+ (plus) in math at the KCSE. If you didn’t study agriculture or home science, you needed to have gotten at least a C+ in biology at the KCSE.

Graduate teachers must have completed at least eight (8) course units in each subject they plan to teach. Additionally, the teachers need to have completed at least three (3) months of teaching practice and special methods coursework in their two preferred teaching subjects.

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